Friday, October 8, 2010

Updating and old chalkboard

  I've seen many great uses for chalkboards.  I thought it would be neat to add a chalk board to my son's room.  Luck for me, I had one in the garage not being used.

 To update it, I taped the sides off and painted it red. I added a cup pull-purchased from Home Depot.

I added the letter C for his name and hung it his in room!  He loves it!!

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  1. Hi! This very cute! Thanks for your comment on my thrift store finds!

    I go to different Goodwills because I find that by doing that, you find more stuff. As always, you must go A LOT to find something you would really want! Anyway, I like the one on Lawrenceville Hwy. Its like going to Gwinnett. I also like the one close to me in Conyers (138). Then there is one if you go down N. Druid hills and cross over 85. You turn right on buford Hwy and its on your right. That's a good one too!
    Hope that helps! Maybe we should have a Goodwill meet up?!

  2. I would love a Goodwill meet up! I just found out we have a Habitat Restore on Memorial Dr in ATL!

  3. What a good idea to use the half cup drawer pull for the chalk holder!


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