Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Week in the Pacific Northwest

Living in metro Atlanta for so long, you can often forget life outside the bustling city where something is always happening. You have to adapt to a fast-paced lifestyle very quickly and buzz through moments you wish you can savor before it vanishes. So when my family and I decided to vacation in Portland for a week, we were almost culture shocked at how unforgettable the experience was.

View from the plane

This was our first time ever venturing to the Pacific Northwest and seeing the stark contrast compared to our home state could not be put into enough words. Immediately, we were enraptured in a surreal world of greenery and nature we only dreamed of back home. A simple drive down the interstate gave you an overwhelming view of Mount Hood and surrounding rolling hills. The beautiful mixture of city life and scenery was perfection that couldn't be beat.

When we wanted to get away from the city, we were close enough to escape to what nature had to offer. Multnomah Falls, the Columbia Gorge, and Cannon Beach were all impeccable sights that can only truly be captured with the eyes. The air was fresh and the sky was clear, making those moments perfect to savor.

In the city, there were a lot of small shops and restaurants that lined the streets, from bridal shops to ice cream parlors, and we couldn't resist experiencing Salt and Straw. Such delicious ice cream it was! I didn't want to finish my ice cream cone. As we all ate our treats, we sat down and watched the city move around us. Everyone was vibrant and enjoying their day in no rush. It was so fun to people watch!

Haystack Rock

Tillamook Rock Light off in the distance

Since Seattle was not that far away, we decided to get in the car once more and head up north to Washington. Having a stroll through Pike Place Market and such an abundance of fresh seafood and flowers, I was amazed! Watching butchers throw fish into the crowd was a sight and sampling produce and other treats surprised me.

Being back home safely, we still cannot stop thinking about Oregon and Washington. We miss the views of mountains and seeing so many people biking through the city, but it made us appreciate the little things we forget to cherish in our town. Our vacation was a blast and we will definitely see the Pacific Northwest again!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Look for Less: Pottery Barn Inspired Candle Holders

Grand Standing Taper Candle Holder
A set of black, iron candle holders is something I wanted for awhile now.  I found a pair at Pottery Barn, but they were too tall and more than what I'd pay for candlesticks.

I have a similar pair that I love, mounted on the wall in our entryway.  They were priced a lot cheaper for the pair.

I remembered the set I had collecting dust in the garage and decided to give them a makeover.

To back up a bit, I purchased this set of candle holders for cheap at a flea market.  As the color scheme in my house changed the greenish patina no longer appealed to me.

To get started, I purchased a can of Rust-Oleum black spray paint in a flat finish.  You could change the candle holders out to whatever color you want.  I wanted to create a wrought iron finish.

I really love the new look.  Now, they're more my style!  I love decorating with black accent pieces.  They add a more dramatic feel to the room.

Looking forward to shuffling them around the house.

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