Friday, March 30, 2018

Grown-Up Easter Basket

Happy Easter!  Are you planning dinner at home or gathering together to have dinner at a friend's house?  I love to cook, but this year I look forward to our friend's grilling dinner.
I always struggle with what to bring, when I'm told not to bring anything.  I want to show gratitude when someone opens their home to my family.  So I usually show up with a bottle of wine and flowers.
This time, I decided to stop at Target for some Easter-themed treats.  Instead of a basket, I filled a colander with cute household items.  Such an inexpensive way to make a nice impression.
Think about what your host might enjoy- no need to show up to dinner empty handed!  A little thoughtfulness can make all the difference. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

I Won a Giveaway

I've always admired Heather Bullard.  She is a contributing editor for Country Living Magazine.  She writes an amazing blog and is an incredibly talented photographer.

  I always smile when I find a new post from her in my inbox.  It would be a dream to attend one of her styling workshops, in France. 
Heather and her husband built their dream home on an old orange grove.
To cheer us up as the dreariness of winter set in, she held a giveaway on her blog.  Five readers would win a box of handpicked oranges from The Grove House.
Lucky enough, my name was chosen!

The fruit was meticulously packed and shipped right to my front door.  When I opened the box, I couldn't believe the wonderful orange scent.
What a treat!  The oranges were very sweet and juicy.  My husband and I agreed, hands down, the best we ever had!

We ate several while standing at the sink, with juice dripping down our arms.

I'm a huge fan of simmering pots.  I saved the orange peels, placed water in the pot, simmered over low heat to make my house smell fantastic.
Heather, thank you again for such a generous giveaway.  Click here to visit her delightful blog.