Sunday, February 28, 2016


Hello friends!  It's been awhile since my last blog post.  There really isn't a good reason why I haven't blogged much.  Just been busy doing other things, I guess.  I hope to do better!  Here's a mini roundup of what I've been up to...
We had so much fun celebrating Valentine's Day this year.

No big bucks on fancy restaurant dinners.  

We enjoyed quiet evenings at home preparing our favorite snacks and beverages.

Silky-smooth hot chocolate, with heart-shaped marshmallows

Frozen hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream and sprinkles

Browned butter in a cherry-vanilla milkshake?  Yes please!  I tried it for the first time last summer.  Bobby Flay introduced me to the idea.  Can't wait to try this recipe next.

 If you want to make your loved ones feel extra special, serving them breakfast in bed is always a good idea.

I treated my husband to simple heart-shaped pancakes topped with fresh fruit and whipped topping.  Such a sweet way to start the day!

Who else is ready for spring?  Only a few more weeks to go.  I'm excited for trips to our farmer's market for fresh herbs, produce and beautiful flowers.

I'm ready to fill my home with plants and trips to Home Depot for flowers this spring.

I love dressing up the deck with container gardens.  I love the variety and they stay healthy all summer long.

Last year we said goodbye to our dog, Princess.  After 10 years, it was heartbreaking and sad.
Sasha and Bella have always got along so well. 

 Thankful for quiet moments.

They're truly well behaved and comfortable with everyone.
My kids are growing up(insert sad face).  As they grow more independent it makes me want to cry.
Caleb's 14 and will start high school in August.

Jade's 19 and started her first year of college.

I spend my quiet time reading, doing housework and enjoying breakfast alone.

Taking time to enjoy a cup of coffee is such a simple pleasure.

I still use my cheap, drip coffee maker.  Maybe one day I'll invest in a Keurig?  One day...

Lastly, I love trying new recipes.  We eat a lot of pizza and enjoy making our own.  My husband found a great, no dough-low carb crust recipe.  It was delicious and really satisfied our craving.  You can find the video recipe here, if you'd like to try it too.

Thank you for sticking around, friends.  I'll be back in few with our garage bedroom update!