Monday, January 21, 2019

New Living Room Coffee Table

This past summer we updated the floors throughout the first floor of our house.  We went from orange-toned laminate to dark brown, engineered hardwood floors.  The new floors are beautiful and add so much warmth to our house.

But as the saying goes--one change leads to another and the style of the old coffee table no longer worked in the room.  I've had my eye on a more traditional table and finally decided to add it to my cart.

The wood top complements the floors and I love the two additional drawers for storage.  (Link to purchase the coffee table.)

Here's a look at the old table.  (I moved it downstairs to our family room and plan on spraying the base black.)

When it came to styling the table, I added a vase filled with greenery from my yard as the focal point.  Fresh greenery adds life and I love the organic feel.

A candle and a few decorative items finish the look.

I also gave the side table a makeover with black chalkboard spray paint.  I love that chalkboard paint doesn't require the extra steps of sanding or primer.

Here's a glimpse at the side table before painting it black and view of how the room looked 4 years ago.

I tried decorating with more color, then quickly realized neutral tones are my jam!