Friday, October 29, 2010

Thrift Store finds Part 2

 I get so excited once I enter a thrift store.  A  rush comes over me as I think of all the neat things I may find.  My husband finally gets me and compares my excitement to what he feels when he enters a Best Buy. LOL!  I went "thrifting" yesterday and came home with some goodies.  I purchased a glass container -that I will use to store instant oatmeal packets in.  Also a neat wire basket, a bunch of pretty plates and a huge coffee table perfect for our family room. 
 The table was a great deal @12.99! There are few water stains and scratches on top, but nothing a little TLC can't fix!
I love these plates!  They will look great in my kitchen.  I'll show you an inexpensive way I chose to hang them tomorrow!  Have you been "thrifting" lately? I'd love to hear about the treasures you found!


  1. Ok, now I know we are related. I have the same "illness" you do...thrift addiction. I get so pumped to go in and see what's new in the thrift shop. Love your finds..enjoy fixing up the table!

  2. So goin on Saturday Lovin the basket lady!Ive had my eye out for one for sometime.


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