Monday, January 29, 2018

Realistic Faux Plants

I don’t know what it is, but I cannot keep a fiddle leaf fig plant alive.  I’ve read all the books, all the blogs and did all the hacks, but it seems like I never catch a break with this plant!

At this point, I have no more energy to invest.  Instead I decided to pair up with Commercial Palm Trees to receive a hassle-free option.

What I love about this plant is that it looks so natural!  It mimics a true fiddle leaf fig’s sheen and the leaves are generous in size.

It reflects sunlight without looking extremely glossy.

The texture is also realistic and consistent throughout, making it easy to put into any room.

I decided to style it in my laundry room because it was in dire need of some all-season greenery.

Because this faux plant is so easy to maintain, I never have to worry about it dying and wiping down the leaves keeps it looking fresh.

My only complaint... I wish I could bend the stems to make the leaves appear more full.

I put it in a natural-toned basket, just like I would with a real fiddle leaf and placed it near the window for an appropriate sunshine spot.  I absolutely love my faux fiddle leaf plant.  At first glance, no one can tell that it isn’t real.  I’m glad I can finally bring in something that will always withstand time, making greenery in every season easy.  If you’re anything like me and crave simplicity with plants, consider Commercial Palm Trees for all your fake palm tree needs! 

Have you ever considered buying faux plants?  Use code "BLOGGER10" at checkout and receive 10% off an item; except custom, at Silk Plants Direct.

*This post was made possible through a partnership with Commercial Palm Trees.  All opinions expressed are my own words.


  1. I have the polar opposite of a green thumb and rely on almost real plants for a touch of green in my house. Yours is lovely.

  2. This is such a great option! It really does look real!

  3. You are a genius!! I have not gotten one but wanted to soon and this is an option as I am challenged in keeping plants alive too!

    Awesome!! Thank you so much. I use to blog and now I don't but I still follow you over on Instagram!! We are moving back to the ATL area later this year and hope to meet you some day!


  4. Pretty greenery! Adds a nice pop of color!

  5. Brandi this one looks so good! I’ve seen some at some retailers for big bucks and they just dont look as good as this one! I will have to check out silk plants direct! Whenever I see the fiddles in the stores, I find myself bending the branches and fluffing them up haha!

  6. I am glad to hear you say you didn’t have any luck with fiddle leaf plants. I destroyed one too! I have several plants that are real in my home so I can keep plants alive. Lol The worst part is I put the fiddle leaf in a pot that the saucer was not sealed and I now have a circle on my hardwood floor! So maybe I can get a faux and put it in the same pot and plop it on top of the damaged spot!

  7. Hi there, Brandi! I've not seen a fiddle that realistic. That really looks good! I am a fan of artificial plants with a super realistic appearance since I suck at caring for most live plants. Since I've been recuperating, my sister has managed to kill 2 of the 3 easy grow plants I have actually been able to nurture over the last 2 or 3 years. If I could run to catch her, I'd pop her one! Now I have to start all over and hope I never have to have her (or anyone else with a gardening impairment even worse than mine!) care for the new ones. Have a great weekend!

  8. It looks pretty. I have a faux one in my front window, and it is really realistic. I have one in my daughter's room that is pure fantasy. It works because one spot is too bright and hot to grow anything and the other spot is too dark. xoxo Su

  9. hey stranger! hope life is treating you great!


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