Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sweater Ornaments

At the very last minute I decided to decorate a small tree for my son's room. Instead of purchasing ornaments, I decided pull out my craft box and make my own.

I searched Pinterest for ideas, then came across a tutorial to make sweater gift tags.  Jessica, from the blog Zakka Life makes it even easier by sharing a sweater template you can download and print at home.

A great idea for leftover wallpaper samples!  But you could also use wrapping or scrapbook paper.
Proof that you can decorate for Christmas without spending a lot of money.  I hope this inspires you to gather your craft supplies and make some ornaments to adorn a package or decorate your tree!  Happy Holidays, friends!

*See more ideas to create with sample wallpaper here and here.


  1. They are so cute Brandi. Your sons tree is going to look amazing. Handmade with love beats store bought every time.

  2. Adorable and so appropriate for a boy's room! Love it! Merry Christmas!

  3. If you have the creativity and the skills, you can do anything. Great tips. Maybe next year I can try this to our tree. :)


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