Friday, December 8, 2017

DIY Open Kitchen Shelving

I have always loved the appearance of open shelves in the kitchen.
Recently when I tackled my mini-kitchen makeover, I decided to incorporate the look.  The shelves were easy to assemble and a great way to add interest to this empty wall space, allowing me to display some of my pretty things.

I purchased a pine board from Home Depot and had it cut to size.  My tip: inspect the boards for damage and try to pick the straightest board you can find.  Originally I stained the shelves, but felt they looked too rustic.   I decided to sand them down and paint them white instead.   To seal the shelves, I used Minwax Polycrylic.

I had a hard time finding brackets that I liked.  Etsy to the rescue!  I was so happy to find the exact bracket style I wanted at a great price; hardware included!

Once I decided where I wanted to place the shelves, my husband measured and made sure everything was level before drilling the holes.

They're safely anchored into the studs.

As you can see, I couldn't wait to decorate them!
I have a small collection of pitchers that I wanted to display.   I played around with their placement until I was happy with the design.

Here's what they look like after I restyled them!  I wonder how designers make it look so effortless?  I've moved things around probably 10 times!

Most of the items you see here I've had, I shopped my house and shuffled decor from other rooms.

But I also took advantage of a couple Black Friday deals from Anthropologie and McGee & Co.

This ceramic salt cellar is from Crate & Barrel.

The berry box colander is from there too.

A bowl full of lemons to brighten these dreary winter days.

I love these ceramic egg crates.

My son is a huge basketball fan.  To get him interested in learning to cook more, I purchased a cookbook co-written by a former New York Knicks' power forward.

I'm so happy with the new look.  It makes our kitchen feel more up to date.


  1. Brandi, it looks amazing! I would love to do the same one day!

  2. Very nice! I really like how you have the shelves staged to perfection. That concept forces one to be neat (which is a plus)...

  3. They look so good Brandi! I have a wall in my kitchen where I'd like to put open shelving.I'll be sure to check etsy when looking for brackets. Thanks for the tip. Styling is never easy for me either but I think you nailed it!!

  4. That recipe box! So pretty. Nice job on the shelves, too!


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