Friday, February 9, 2018

A New Rug for the Living Room

Natural fiber rugs are a go-to favorite for my house.  In fact, there's a jute rug in nearly every room.  

They are easy to care for, fit my budget and the natural texture adds a simple beauty to any room.

The old area rug was too small.  Switching to a larger rug makes the room feel much cozier and anchors the space.

  We currently have the Amor Jute Rug from Natural Area Rugs in our living room.  I've been in love ever since it was delivered.  It's so affordable(free shipping) and I haven't noticed any shedding.

I also love that the rug lays flat and even.  I struggled with our old rug.  I was constantly pulling and straightening the ends.
 My dogs are much happier because they have more rug to stretch out on!  Although most days they prefer the cool floor to lie on.

  What do you think?  I hope this review helps a bit if you're considering a new rug for your home.

*This post was made possible through a partnership with Natural Area Rugs.  All opinions expressed are my own words


  1. The rug looks so good Brandi. Your room is beautiful and so are your fur babies.

  2. Beautiful rug and it looks perfect in the space. I am glad it's working out with the dogs. I have thought about jute too but was wondering how it would be with my dog. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I love natural fiber rugs also. Your new rug looks great.

  4. The rug is perfect... And like you said ,,it adds simple natural beauty to your space

  5. Your new rug is lovely as I remember your entire home being charming and wonderfully decorated. Your dogs look so contented stretched out on the floor together:)
    Have a great weekend.
    Connie :)

  6. It's beautiful and it goes with every color.

  7. I love all the natural elements in your home. The rug is beautiful and matches perfectly.

  8. Beautiful Brandi. You have such great taste. I alway love peeking into your home....

  9. Hi, Brandi, I like the naturalness of it, and I like how the pattern seems to be a rectangle that gets larger and larger. That makes it interesting! Have a wonderful day and week ahead. xoox Su

  10. Love the new rug Brandi. And, if it holds up to the pups all the better. Can't remember if I've asked you this before, but where do you purchase your lovely plants you display in your home? Went to Lowes and Home Depot this week and mid-size plants were slim pickings.

  11. I love everything about how you have this room styled - I'm a big fan of all the natural accents!

  12. Love this room Brandi! The rug is perfect.


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