Thursday, November 12, 2015

Natural Thanksgiving Table Setting

I am extremely excited for this year's Thanksgiving.
The weather is cool enough for a warm gathering around the dinner table, I have begun preparing the menu and a few friends are joining in the feast for the first time.

Since our holiday dinners are usually shared with my small family, decorations were always kept simple for the table.

A set table with fancy silverware and a few lit candles was my go-to for the previous years.

However, since I am opening my house for more guests, I wanted to do something different yet affordable.

Because my dining room has neutral tones already, I went with a theme that wouldn't clash or be an eyesore.  So, as a foundation, I went for a patterned paper table runner and worked my way up.

Since the colors in the table runner are very simple, I used different shades of green in my accents.  I found two beautiful sage green pumpkins at my local farmer's market which went perfectly with my fresh hydrangea centerpiece and greenery.

Adding a few white pumpkins and candles to the center of the table completed the dinner table and made for an elegant display.

Branching out with style this Thanksgiving was a great idea and I'm sure my guests will enjoy the look.

Working on the table setting beforehand minimizes the infamous Thanksgiving morning rush and I can focus on other things like preparing the meal.

I hope all of you can be inspired and I wish you a very happy holiday!

Table Decor Source List:
Candle Holders- Thrift Store
Candles- Target
Flower Vase- Home Goods
Patterned Paper Table Runner- Hester and Cook
Flowers and Greenery- Kroger Grocery Store
Pumpkins- Farmer's Market and Etsy


  1. You are a woman after my own heart I love those colored pumpkins!! Gorgeous! xo K

  2. simply gorgeous! love your color palette. and those die for! i am so glad i found you! it's love....true love i tell you!

  3. Oh what a beautiful tablescape! I love it!

  4. Good Evening Brandi, Your dining room is lovely and your Thanksgiving table looks beautiful. I love how you have used a pale palette to go with the rest of your room. The hydrangeas look so beautiful placed in their vase.
    Do you know I have never seen a pumpkin of that colour.... they are so interesting.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with your friends and family.
    Best Wishes to you.

  5. This is beautiful, I love the minimalist look.

  6. Lovely. I don't think I've ever seen pumpkins that shade of green.

  7. # dead. this is gorgeous Brandi! Love it as always.

  8. Amazing Brandi. Simple, yet elegant. Love all the neutrals.

  9. I love it and everything looks so nice and I am sure you will have a lovely time with your family and guests.

  10. I love that combo of colors - so soothing and fresh. I really want to get started on what my table will look like - maybe after my nap...zzzz...I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is so close!

  11. Oh, Brandi- your tablescape looks AWESOME - so well done. And it looks fantastic with those neat metal chairs, too! ♥ ♥♥

  12. Beautiful Brandi! I am all about using natural elements. Love those blue tapered candles too!

  13. Looks so pretty, Brandi! The colors are great. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  14. That's it I am packing up and moving in with you. I need you to rub off on me with the decor.

  15. Your table / dining room is adorable, Brandi! Such a calming color palette. Love those pumpkins!

  16. I love your neutral dinning room :)
    The table decor is gorgeous .
    Happy weekend

  17. Love, love, love that runner. And the pumpkin colors are perfect!

  18. BEAUTIFUL! I love that color combo you chose. I set mine up this week too (on the blog) and it was actually really fun! Your table is beautiful too!!

  19. Gorgeous, Brandi! I love the color scheme and I would never have guessed that the runner is paper! How cool.

  20. Brandi, everything looks amazing! I love the pretty Cinderella pumpkins and the natural elements you layered in, so pretty!

  21. It looks beautiful Brandi! I really love what you did with the centerpieces! Those pumkons are gorgeous!

  22. I love your tablescape. It is very serene.

  23. So beautiful Brandi! Love the use of the natural element and of course those blue candles!


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