Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Favorites

It's been quiet around here lately.  It's been weeks since my last post, but not so much if you follow along on Instagram.  I've been busy with family.  Nothing major has happened, just been busy spending more time with the people that I love.

Blogging is fun for me and I enjoy sharing.  But when life gets busy blogging definitely takes a backseat.

I need to get better at prepping my blog for posts.  Now that fall has officially arrived, I'm ready to tackle more projects around the house.

It's the simple things in life that can be most rewarding.  We live near the most beautiful park.  The leaves are changing.  It's so pretty this time of year.

I like to wonder about and gather pine cones and fallen leaves.

 This time of year the spiders seem to be everywhere!

There's nothing worse than walking into a spiderweb.

I take a break from coffee in the fall and sip on a cup of hot apple cider.  The smell of the cider simmering on the stove brings back feelings of warmth and comfort.

Another fall favorite is filling my home with mums

...and mini pumpkins.

Do you have a favorite room spray?  My current favorite is, Asian Spice, sold at Pier 1.  It's the perfect scent for fall.  It leaves your house smelling wonderful.

 Switching out your pillows for warmer colors is a great way to transition your home from summer to fall.

A chunky throw keeps us warm on those chilly evenings.

My husband uses the television to fall asleep.  At the end of the day I relax with a book.

  My favorite seasonal flea market opened again this fall.
I always find some neat little treasures there.

I've been thinking about simple Thanksgiving table settings.

I adore these plates from West Elm.

I received a new bag for fall.  This beautiful bag was a gift from Duluth Trading Co.

My everyday bag doubles as my camera bag.

The leather is soft.  It's a very stylish, yet rugged bag.  I'm not fashionable, but I feel very sophisticated carrying my portfolio brief.

Now it's your turn.  Let me know some of your favorites for fall.

*Duluth Trading Co. provided me with this bag to review.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own!


  1. The spider pic is so freaky! Yikes! I'm loving your new bag and those plates from West Elm would be so perfect for Thanksgiving. But then again everything from West Elm is pretty much perfection in my opinion!

  2. You and I are on the same page. Slowing down a little and just enjoying the days. :) Walking in that park would be heaven to me!

  3. Lol I thought that spider was a part of the decoration for Halloween but alas it's not. Always take a break when it comes to blogging when you need it. Blogging will be around and you can always come back refreshed. Spending time with family is much more important.

  4. Hahaha great picture of that spider, yet scary. I think your post sums up fall very well. I am not look forward to winter though!

  5. What is up with the spiders this year??? We had to have our house sprayed for them for the first time and we've lived her 23 years. Great pictures!!

  6. It's time to cozy up, that's for sure!!

  7. I enjoyed this post, well except for the spider pictures. I scrolled through those pretty My favorites for fall are actually some of the things you just mentioned. I just picked up 4 of those cute little pumpkins and I'm thinking about going to get two more. Enjoy the rest of your day... :)

  8. How nice that you have that park close by. There's something so relaxing about taking a walk in the fall. I love cider too. Oh those spiders...we have a huge web in our backyard right now. They really are everywhere this time of year. My favorite thing about fall is probably the cooler weather. :)

  9. Nice photographs.
    I agree with you. Who ever said spring is for cleaning? I find myself doing it before every season and holiday.

  10. I love when the writing spiders have a big web as long as it is far from my doors. They spin very interesting webs. If they are near entrances, well, that is a different story.
    Love your fall pictures. We were ready to enjoy football and a beautiful weekend, unfortunately staining the deck took precedent. I guess it was nice to be painting in gorgeous weather, but I thought late October was supposed to be a lot cooler than August!

  11. Beautiful pics Brandi, your Fall favorites made me feel all warm and fuzzy! The bag is really gorgeous, it looks like it would last forever. Family comes before everything, I'm glad you've been doing what makes you happy. I dont have an instagram account because I have a cell from the last joke.

  12. These are such beautiful images, Brandi! Every image just draws us in. Fall is my favorite season; and I am in nesting mode right now! Pumpkin candles burning, being wrapped in a throw, and reading Fall magazines are my favorite ways to spend the day!

  13. So much yumminess in these great photos. Adoring the nature pics and drooling over that throw pillow. I really need to update all the throw pillows in my house.

    PS, I'm with you on the spider webs. Shudder.

  14. Those plates and gold cutlery look great together!!!

  15. I have never seen apple cider in a package. I will have to try and find it here. I love the fall and it is a time to be with family and just enjoy life.

  16. Beautiful photos. They definitely feel like fall.

  17. It's so important to take that time to spend with loved ones - especially this time of year when life slows down before the rush of the holidays. Love all your autumn pics - sweet inspiration! Love the bag, too! xo Karen

  18. Wow, how fantastic that your home is near such a beautiful park!!! So scenic.

  19. This post certainly says fall! Beautiful photos! We haven't had a lot of spiders around here. I'm not complaining! Happy fall! Enjoy the scenery!

  20. Hey, Brandi, I am back on the blog, too! I have blogged less too, but now I promise to do better!:)
    I love those tiny pumpkins, they are so cute! And your fall routine seems so serene, I love the first pictures you posted!
    I am definitely not a fan of fall colours, as browns and oranges are not my favourites, but I agree on greyish-earthy tones.
    Have a great week!

  21. Beautfiul post, Brandi. You see so much loveliness around you. My husband has been known to fall asleep in front of the tv too :)

  22. Hi Brandi, your post is an inspiration for the cozy days of fall and preparing to be more home bound in the cooler days.
    I love these same autumn joys. The spider webs not so much!! They have been everywhere this season.
    Love your new bag and the rich color!
    Hugs and Blessings.

  23. I love fall because I can finally head outside again. It's not a million degrees outside. And lots of birds are heading this way!

  24. Love your fall pics..except the spider one..hate them. It seems I love anything pumpkin for fall..from candles to bagels, donuts, and pie. Janice

  25. Such beautiful images! Glad you are enjoying the change is seasons - I am too!


  26. Brandi,

    I love the warm and charming colors of autumn.

    I've never been afraid of spiders, but then I learned that the little brown spider is very dangerous and appears in homes, I've become a bit of caution.


  27. I really love these Brandi!! I haven't had apple cider in forever :-)

  28. Dear Brandi,
    I've missed you! I'm happy to read (and see) that you're doing well, taking time to be with family, and enjoy the outdoors & Fall.
    I enjoyed your post and reading along as you share many of your Fall favorites . . . so many beautiful images. I loved seeing the sprig of cedar next to the mini pumpkin. So simple and pretty.
    Sending hugs and wishes for a beautiful weekend,

  29. Dear Brandi
    I'm with you, family come first and foremost - blogging is a sideline thing for sure!!!

    What beautiful Autumn scenes on the water with the gorgeous colours of the trees. I come home from a walk with my pockets full of leaves and whatever I find!

    I love, love, love your portfolio bag, maybe I will see something like that in the shops here in six months time!

    Have a lovely week Brandi and make the most of the lovely Autumn days!

  30. What a beautiful post and a lovely capture of the spirit of fall (my favorite season). My blog has definitely taken a backseat, but in due time I'll be back!

  31. Ooo...I have bag envy. And I am not even a bag girl. Fall favorites...Hmmm...bright red leaves, cool snap to the air in clear blue skies, the return of sweaters and sweatshirts, turning on my fireplace at night, and stars! So many stars visible in the fall.
    Peace and Love girl,
    The Other Marian


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