Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Wreath

Today the lovely Sarah from Modern Country Style is hosting her very first blog party.  She's been showing us all week how to make and decorate our very own wreath base.  I pondered walking next store and swiping some of my neighbor's freshly cut branches to make my own base. But I decided against it and just purchased my own! haha!
To embellish my wreath I used items I had on hand. Leftover fabric for leaves and berries, sticks, and glue dots to hold everything in place.
To makes the leaves I started out by cutting my fabric into small circles. Then folding each leaf half way and ironing a crease in the middle. I later added a stick down the center to make the leaves look more realistic.

After adding all the leaves and a ribbon I made from an old curtain valance I decided it still looked a little bare.

So I went through the house and took apart a flower arrangement I had in the bathroom and filled in the empty spaces with baby's breath.
Much better! Now off to clean up the ginormous mess I left in the kitchen. I've got fabric and little sticks all over the place!!!!

 Thank-you Sarah for the inspiration!


  1. Super cute- I love the baby's breath you added in- so charming. Stopping by from Sarah's party!

  2. Beautiful! Love the baby's breath!!

  3. Beautiful... great post.

  4. I love the fabric leaves. In fact the whole thing is beautiful. Baby's breath and all!!

    You chickened out of getting your neighbour's branches!!!? Next time, I'll pop on over and take them for you!


  5. This is so pretty! I love homemade wreaths,you did a wonderful job!

  6. Hey Brandi,

    I love this....I picked it out to feature today.


  7. Beautiful homemade wreath. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment today.

  8. Looking very beautiful Brandi... I love flower arrangements and in search of new ideas about wreath.... It will sure help me for something new

  9. Brandi! that came out gorgeous! I love how resourceful you are... that is my kinda wreath!


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