Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spongebob gets a Makeover

OK so by now you now you know I like digging in other people's trash.  : )
It's nothing I'm ashamed of, I view it as an adventure!  Monday, as I was dropping my son off at school I spotted Spongebob peeping through a trash bin.  Knowing what I would do with him I quickly swooped him up.  My son thought Spongebob would work his way into his room as is, but I had better plans. 

After a few coats of primer and spray paint, I stenciled and distressed it a bit.  Not too shabby!!! Now he just needs a home!


  1. SOOOO cute!!! I'm going to do this to a set of bar stools my friend found on the side of the road. Yep...I've got OTHER people looking through trash for me! Great work, mama!

  2. Nice job!!

    I don't mind picking up someone's trash either if I can make it over! :) I even walked down and took my neighbors table from the 10 year old daughter was so embarrased. LOL


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