Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Be Thankful

  This year we are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our home.  I decided to decorate a bit for the occasion.  While at Target last week I purchased a pack of clearance scrap-booking stickers.  I thought they'd be perfect to use for making a fall banner.
         I used whatever else I had on hand to complete this project.
                                           card stock,  a brown paper bag
                                           jute twine,  craft scissors
                                           ribbon, stickers and clear tape
            I used the same concept for making this banner as I did here.

 I made small holes along the top by using a screwdriver to string the twine through.

  Although I am very excited to make dinner this year for my family.  Some of which are flying in from out of state.  I keep having nightmares of me overcooking everything and we end up eating takeout!!!!!!! : )
How are you spending the holidays this year?  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. We celebrate Thanksgiving in October, which I really like. We usually go out to collect pretty leaves to decorate, and then have a nice dinner together. This year was roasted turkey, meatballs in a peanut chili sauce, mashed potatoes, wild rice, carrots, beans, stuffing, homemade cranberry orange sauce & pumpkin and chocolate pies for dessert. Decadent!

  2. Hello my lovely,

    I really like the beautiful ribbons at the end of the banners. They make it look really nicely finished.

    You seem make more crafty gorgeousness than I've had hot dinners!!!



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