Thursday, October 12, 2017

One Room Challenge- Guest Bedroom Makeover: Week 2

I can't believe it's the second week of the One Room Challenge!  To catch up, you can view last week's post here.

As I mentioned before, I'm taking on our guest room.  This is my first time participating in the challenge.  I'm equally nervous and excited for what's ahead.

The new wall color makes the room feel much bigger and brighter.  It's a small bedroom, so I prefer keep the space uncluttered with lots of natural materials mixed in.

The new dresser arrived and I couldn't be happier.  It gives the room a whole new look.  I ordered the dresser online.  Purchasing furniture sight unseen makes me a bit scared, but I'm very pleased.

 Image courtesy of Amber Interiors

I don't want to give too much away before the reveal, but here's my makeover inspiration.  I absolutely love this room.  I can't wait to add texture with pillows and a new rug.

Next week I'll be back to share more.  If you like, you can keep up with my progress on Instagram.  I’ll also post a few updates on my stories.  Hope to see you there!


  1. Hi Brandi. I am just now noticing you are back for another round! Best of luck on your guest room. I am tackling my guest bath. All for the guests I suppose :).

  2. B-r-a-v-e!!!! I’m so glad you’re happy with the dresser! I’ve always been apprehensive, too, about buying furniture (and clothes, and shoes, and jewelry, and...!) sight unseen. Heck, I’ve been agonizing over a pillow cover for more than a week now!!!😆 Enjoy the transformation process!

  3. It's looking amazing Brandi, love it already.

  4. Ordering furniture online is a dicey proposition. I have rolled the dice, too. So far, so good, but I'm always afraid it won't be right and return shipping is pricey! Glad you're happy! Can't wait to see the room. I just know that, like the rest of your home, it will be fabulous!

  5. I have no doubt it will be stunning!

  6. Exciting! I wanted to join too but I was nervous to commit 😂. Excited to see your progress!

  7. So glad to be joining you again on this ORC - how nice it is to have support of fellow friends to cheer us on! Can't wait to see what beautiful things you do!

  8. Love how organized, and crisp and comforting this room looks. I'd be glad to be a guest here.


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