Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer in Style Outdoor Edition

Today I'm joining a talented bunch of bloggers for a Summer in Style Outdoor Edition- blog hop, hosted by Chic Little House.  We're all sharing our favorite outdoor spaces and I hope you enjoy the tour.

Ahh, summer!  It's such a beautiful time of the year.  I love spending time outdoors, sitting here on the porch as the sun comes up.  I also enjoy sitting on the porch watching the rain.  It's very soothing to me.

Our small porch area is also a nice spot to enjoy breakfast, before it gets too hot during the day.

This area used to be our garage.  We recently had it converted to a living space.  We added shutters to the windows to create a cohesive look.

I have always loved the charming look of window planters.  They make a great first impression as we pull into the driveway.

I planted a combination of white vincas, ajuga(carpet bugleweed) and Sprenger's asparagus fern.  Hopefully they'll continue to fill in nicely as the season progresses.
Our front door is painted Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball(matched to Sherwin Williams paint).  It's such a welcoming color.

The porch is accented with planters on either side of the door.  I've had these planters for years.  I gave them a fresh, new look with spray paint.

Every year I switch out the annuals planted around the dwarf cedar.

This year I planted a mix of white vincas, ornamental cabbage, dusty miller and Mexican Heather.  Healthy plants really brighten up the porch.

I tossed my dingy old door mat and replaced it with a new one.  I love the layered look.

My hydrangeas are blooming!  I'm looking forward to cutting a few to bring inside.

That concludes my tour.  I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Please continue the blog hop by visiting Newlywoodwards.  The rest of the ladies are tagged below. Be sure to stop by their blogs to be inspired.

 WEDNESDAY 6/7 Cassie Bustamante and Seeking Alexi 


  1. Fabulous space and so timely. I will use all these blogs as inspiration to restore my space. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  2. That looks like yummy food I should have had for breakfast instead of what I actually had ;) Love your planters and flower boxes. I've always wanted flower boxes. Looks so pretty Brandi

  3. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. Mine took a beating during last years drought, but are slowly coming back. I don't have high hopes for any to bloom this year, but next year they should be beautiful again.
    Fingers crossed that we have adequate rain this summer!

  4. brandi, i just love your window boxes- they are gorgeous!!! and that breakfast looks delicious- i will be right over!

  5. So beautiful! Your space is so calming! I'd love to spend many hours just sitting there.

  6. You give me hydrangea goals!!! You make it look so easy for them to flourish :) Your front porch looks so pretty and I love the window boxes, I've been eyeing that same style for my backyard cottage. I also love your front entrance its so welcoming :)

  7. This is just so beautiful, Brandi! The flowers, the colors, and I love those arches!

  8. You know I'm always a fan of your style! And your hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  9. love is Brandi! I am totally a fan of flower boxes. I want some but haven't made the investment this year. Your hydrangeas are beautiful as well. Such a beautiful and welcoming front space!

  10. Brandi - it's just beautiful. I think it may be the perfect spot for breakfast. And I love all the flowers and greenery - just lovely.

  11. I am forever smitten with the "Hello" on your front door. Everything looks lovely.

  12. Hey sis! I love your porch, it looks perfect for a weekend brunch.��

  13. I so love all these. I want these for my home.


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