Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Headed to the Trash Chair Makeover

I love bringing new life to old things.  This chair was headed to the end of my driveway for trash pickup because my husband couldn't see its potential.  But I liked it too much and couldn't part with it.
You see, we've had this chair for many years.  It's not an antique though.  I purchased it at Ross for under $100.  It was one of the first furniture pieces we purchased new, after receiving only hand-me-downs.  I have pictures with my then toddler son sitting on it.  This chair has sentimental value to me.

But over the years as my taste and style evolved, the chair sat hidden in a closet.  As I hoped to have it reupholstered one day.

Having furniture professionally reupholstered can be expensive.  So I saved up for the total expense!  I also made sure I ordered enough fabric to create a skirt and hide the bowed legs.  I also had the curve on the back cut down.

Although the fabric I received is slightly darker than the swatch I ordered,  I'm so in love with this chair makeover.  

 I value the upholsterer's attention to detail.  Making it worth every penny!


  1. Good Afternoon Brandi, You must be so proud of how your chair turned out, as it is fabulous.
    I believe, that saving for something you really want, is the best way to go. I am currently saving for a chair which I love, and I have almost saved enough. I will be so excited when I can finally order it.
    How does your husband feel about the chair? I bet he is thrilled to pieces that you kept it. I love how you styled the chair with the cushion, planter and picture. So lovely.
    Have a lovely day today.
    Best Wishes

  2. The chair is beautiful Brandi. Glad you kept it. It got a wonderful makeover!

  3. Wow! What a transformation! Love the new look, Brandi!

  4. If my mom were alive she would disown me and take you on as her daughter because she loved doing these things.

  5. It looks fantastic. I am all for keeping and repurposing sentimental pieces.

  6. That is just beautiful and what a great save!

  7. Absolutely beautiful Brandi! What a transformation! Wow!

  8. Hi Brandi :)
    It looks great, what a change and i love that neutral collor
    Have a nice day

  9. Love it, and your choice of fabric color. It's perfect!!

  10. It turned out great! How wonderful to save up for something that you so dearly want. Makes it all worth it.

  11. Looks perfect! Love your choices.

  12. Girl I love that chair with the pillow! Good job!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  13. Brandi, I love your "new" chair! You have impeccable taste and design style.

    p.s. Do you recall the paint color on your wall? I'm trying to plan out a dining room/kitchen makeover and tone down my space. Trying to decide which way to go since I'm working with knotty pine (such a huge endeavor). I've thought about a light grey and a buttercream. Whatever I do, it has to cover the dining room, kitchen, and hall because they're all one space essentially.

  14. It's gorgeous girl! The new skirted look is the same look for the dining chairs I just got. I'm obsessed!! :)

  15. Your 'new' chair looks incredible!!

  16. I'm binge reading your blog posts. Love, love, love this chair makeover. I actually liked the chair before. I wish i had a better eye to see the potential, but that is why I like to view blogs like yours as you help us visually impaired see the possibilities.


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