Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cleaning Up My Act: Meet the Robotic Vacuum That Changed My Life

Having two large dogs that shed enough fur to create wigs creates a slew of chores alone.

To put it into perspective, I could spend all day vacuuming the house, dusting every surface, and mopping every floor and within a few hours, my house will have just as much shedded fur as before.

The manual labor is a daunting and an extremely exhaustive task, which means I need all the help I can get.

Luckily, my wishes have finally come true! I was gifted with Bob, a helpful robotic vacuum that scoots across the floor with ease and sucks up debris. bObsweep tackles five chores in one: vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, UV sterilize and filters the air.

Reaching all nooks, crannies, and crevices that I cannot, he does an amazing job at keeping the stray furries at a minimum. He was especially useful during the weeks of incoming family from out of town, who were sensitive to extra dust and pet dander.

 Bob is as simple to use as your traditional vacuum. Charge him while not in use, then unplug and power him up when you need him! His sleek and modern design keeps his cleaning covert and even stylish as he maneuvers around your space with ease.

He even transitions from floor to carpet seamlessly!

However, one thing I must mention is that, like any other traditional vacuum, he does get a bit tangled on fringed rugs. If you're mindful of that, then it's smooth sailing.

My dogs even grew keen to him, officially making him a part of the family!

I no longer have to take hours upon hours out my week to rid the house of dog fur and debris, giving me more time to relax with family or even tend to my outdoor housekeeping.

If convenience and modern cleaning are important to you and your lifestyle, consider adding Bob into your home.

Interested in learning more? Visit to be swept off your feet!

*This post was made possible through a partnership with #bObsweepPetHair.  All opinions expressed and experiences are my own words.


  1. Very cool! Every dog owner needs something like that.

  2. My daughter sooooo needs one of these for Christmas. Are they very expensive, Brandi??

  3. I love this. I need to get one for my kids because they are rough around here with stuff on my floor

  4. My sister is thinking about getting one of these :)

  5. While I do not have dogs nor children, I've always wanted one of these, but could not justify the cost. I'm green with envy! Glad you have one!! Enjoy!

  6. Brandi I laughed out loud at they shed enough to make wigs!! Bob sounds like a gift from the heavens. I may have to check that out. My Dog would have a barking fit seeing that rolling around, heck he's scared of the broom.

  7. Brandi I need one of these to clean up after the kids! Lol!

  8. We really do need this at home.


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