Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Trip to The Farmers Market

Although I grew up in New Jersey and most of my family still lives there, I love living in Atlanta.  The cost of living is cheaper and there's always something to do!  It truly feels like home.

There's nothing I love more than shopping at the farmers market.  Friendly vendors and locally-sourced fruits and vegetables are just a few of my favorite reasons to support them.

The weather was beautiful Saturday morning, so my husband and I decided to go shopping.  The Atlanta Farmers Market is huge.

 It's just 5 miles from the airport.  I enjoyed watching the planes flying low as they zoomed by.

 Need to buy some dried herbs and spices?

 Where do you usually buy your fruits and vegetables?

The nursery had a great selection of outdoor plants...
and planters in all colors, shapes and sizes.

I was so happy to find a rubber tree for only $15.  My husband had a rubber tree growing up.  He has fond memories of his mom wiping the leaves down to keep them beautiful and shiny.  I hope I can keep it alive.

Kicking myself for not buying an anise tree(illicium parviflorum).  The leaves are so beautiful.

Last stop was the floral department to browse the beautiful arrangements.

Stop and smell the roses!!

Flowers were available in nearly every color of the rainbow.

Glad we made the decision to go.  I'm excited to go back in the fall when the potted mums are available!


  1. I am having a major case of swoon! Those flowers are gorgeous ♥

  2. Looks like an amazing Farmers Market, ours are much smaller.

  3. So tell us what you bought. I love the Farmer's Market there but I don't go often!

  4. That's my kinda outing. I'm glad you guys had fun! good luck with your rubber plant. My mom had one too, along with a jungle of others lol. I did not inherit her green thumb, especially when it comes to houseplants.

  5. Wow I love all the fresh flowers! The Dallas Farmer's Market is wonderful too but I forget to go. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  6. Whaaaa I didn't even know this existed. The airport is so far from me so I go to the Dekalbs Farmers one but they are so busy and I think I like the outside one better (smells better lol )

  7. Now that's a market!! I think I would be lost in the flower area for a long time! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love farmer's market too! I enjoy going to such.
    Hope to visit your beloved home Atlanta soon.


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