Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cafe Curtains From Pillowcases

When the time came to select curtains for my laundry room, I had a tough time finding something that I liked. Everything was either too expensive or just not my style. Before leaving the store empty-handed, I decided to browse the bed-linens aisle. There, I found pillow cases in a simple pattern that I loved. I decided to use the pillowcases for curtains in the laundry room. The pattern and colors were perfect and best of all, they were easy to hang and didn't involve any sewing!

Supplies and steps used:

Drapery rings with clips- 5 clips per curtain panel. Be sure to space the clips evenly.

Pair of cotton pillow cases- Lay the pillow cases flat so you can attach the curtain rings.  

Iron and fabric freshener- For ironing and freshening your curtains.

Curtain Rod- Slide the rings through to attach curtain to the rod

You're done! Stand back and admire how nice your windows look.


  1. Neat idea! I can't wait till you finish up my stuff.

  2. Brandi, that was such a clever solution! And so favorite kind of project! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  3. What a great idea! No sew, already "lined", and ready to hang. They look great. I have always loved cafe curtains. I just may need to add some to our kitchen for the colder months.

  4. I just did this but with dish towels, never thought to use pillow cases! Great idea!

  5. Okay I know this post is about the pillowcases and I love the fabric too,but can you tell me where you got the prints that are hanging on the wall. THANKS!

    1. Hi Mary! Thank you so much! The prints and frames are from Ikea.

  6. Hi Brandi! This idea is totally genius - and I love the pretty fabric! Jane

  7. That is something I would have never thought to do before reading blogs, reading how others make do, and use their creativity inspires me in my own home. They look great.

  8. I love this idea! They look so fresh and summery!

  9. I just love smart sweet ideas like this!

  10. Those are the absolute best Brandi!!!

  11. You're SO clever! Love them. and hey, they look good both ways... a win, win, WIN situation!


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