Saturday, September 13, 2014

Helpful Cleaning Tips

I'm always on a quest to keep my house tidy.  My house isn't perfect.  I'm constantly cleaning up after my husband and my kids.  With the 3 dogs it's a full-time job.  I've come to realize it's a never ending cycle.  Something will always end up on the floor and dirty paw prints will always need to be wiped away.  

 Here are a few cleaning tips and products to make my job a little easier. 

Rubbing Alcohol
Murphy's Oil Soap
Lemon Juice

I highly recommend cleaning windows with rubbing alcohol and a squeegee.
Your windows and mirrors will be spotless and streak free.

*Safety tip- Be sure to ventilate the room when cleaning with rubbing alcohol and avoid open flames.

I keep my refrigerator and microwave smelling fresh by wiping it down with lemon juice.  Dilute the lemon juice with water; I prefer a 50/50 mixture.  The acid in lemon juice is also great for removing stains off of the cutting board.   

You can also shine copper with a lemon.  Then toss the rind and a few ice cubes in the garbage disposal to remove odors.

I like using Murphy's Oil Soap on wooden furniture.  It also keeps my floors and baseboards looking shiny and clean.

Apple cider vinegar is also great to use on our laminate floors.  I use 1 part apple cider vinegar to 1 part (hot)water solution.  It evaporates quickly leaving my floors streak free.

Bar Keepers Friend is a fantastic cleaner.  It's great for removing rust stains and scratches.  I use it to scour the tub and sink.
These blue microfiber towels are my favorite cleaning cloths.  The color doesn't bleed and they have many, great uses.  They are great for dusting, washing our car and scrubbing the bathroom.  They're also washable and reusable.

Magic Erasers are the best!  You can use them on just about anything; fingerprints, tough stains, bathroom tiles.  The list goes on and on.

We keep the soles our sneakers clean by using Magic Erasers to remove dirt and scuff marks.

Just beware, it may dull the area of whatever you're cleaning.  *It's recommended to test a small area with light pressure before use.

I've been using Tide To Go pens for many years now.  I highly recommend them.  I buy them in bulk.  They're great for removing splatters whenever I have a little spill.  I've even used them on small carpet stains.  I keep one in my purse as well as in the car.

Another great product is Shaklee Scour Off Paste.  It smells like cherries!  Can you tell how much my container's been used?!  I've had it for years.  A little goes a long way.  It's great for removing sticky price tag residue as well as a healthier way to clean your oven.  It will take a bit of elbow grease, but it works really well. *click on the highlighted link to purchase

We make cleaning tolerable by turning on some music.  Now that my kids are older they have a list of chores.  Keeping the house clean should be a family affair.  However, my house is never spotless.  Which is why I clean up like a crazy woman before friends and family come to visit!  

So what's your cleaning routine?  Any other cleaning products you'd recommend?

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  1. Hi Brandi,

    Lots of good cleaning products here and thanks for sharing.
    I know what you are saying cleaning up after everyone - have to do the same thing too.
    Happy weekend

  2. Will have to get some Murphy's soap and where do you get the Get Clean Scour Off stuff? Also catsup will clean copper too. Just smear a layer on, let is sit for a bit and then wash off. Thanks for all your helpful hints.

  3. Love the tips. I love using vinegar on my appliances as well. I will have try the lemon juice. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the idea of using lemons and apple cider to clean my house. I did read once that it isn't healthy to breathe in the toxins that come from some of the things we clean with, like bleach and ammonia so thanks for all those wonderful tips. I plan to put them to good use... :)

  5. Great tips! I love magic erasers! I like to use dawn and vinegar mixed equal parts in my stainless steel sink and it works great in the tub and shower. Really leaves everything shiny. Happy Weekend!

  6. These are excellent helpful hints. Catherine

  7. I will agree with your cleaning products, except the Shaklee product ( never tried it so no opinion). I use barkeeper's friend on my white plates. It gets the flatware marks that forks and knives leave off like magic.
    Respectfully disagree about anything making housework tolerable. I look at each every day as some awful necessary evil. I just wish I had someone named Hazel living in my home!

  8. Brandi
    Thanks for the cleaning tips!
    My favorite bathroom cleaner these days is equal parts of vinegar and Dawn dish soap.
    It removes water stains and disinfects too.

  9. So many great tips!!! I love the magic eraser... its AMAZING how that thing works! I'll try the rubbing alcohol next time that I do windows. We have three dogs here to and I swear that most of the mess is theirs!
    Have a great sunday

  10. Great tips! Do you dilute the alcohol when cleaning your windows? I also use Dawn & Vinegar to clean my sink and shower. I also need to grab some more magic erasers...those are the!

  11. Fabulous tips Brandi! Off to find my supplies.


  12. This post was very helpful. I am going to try your laminate floor cleaner with apple cider vinegar. We are getting ready to start installing new windows into our house, so this would be a great time to try a new method for windows, too. I had never tried Tide to Go or Shaklee Scour Off paste. My girlfriend and I were just discussing those sticky labels, where do you buy this? I'll get one for her, too.


  13. Hi Brandi,

    you must be the best housewife in the world because only teaches good and useful things.


  14. I always thought I couldn't toss lemon rinds into the garbage disposal. Now I know I should. Thank for the tips:)

  15. I agree, that Scour Off is great stuff and you can't beat the wonderful smell! I too love Bar Keeper's Friend. I have a white porcelain kitchen sink and it gets those grey scratches on it after scrubbing a metal pot in it. Bar Keeper's Friend removes those scratches immediately. I need to try the lemon juice on my cutting board. Thanks for the tips!

  16. Some great advice Brandi! I have tried a few, but I am definitely going to try the lemon and I have not yet used a Magic eraser - going have to get one. Thanks a bunch! Tis the season to get the house cleaned up. Jane

  17. That tide I have been meaning to get it but never did. I need to correct that asap. I deep clean my house once a month where I get on all ours this will be my go to info for Sep.

  18. Hi Brandi, All great tips and I do pretty much the same. I also use half rubbing alcohol and have water for a great granite cleaner. This saves so much money on the pricey brands for granite.
    I also use the microfiber towels. Love them and the many used. And I always have the magic eraser. It works like a charm. My house is not perfect but I try and stay on top of the cleaning.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great week.

  19. I must confess that I enjoy cleaning the house. Buying a million different cleaning items is not something I like to do so your simple ideas are up my alley. Love BKF and Murphy's Oil Soap. Going to try vinegar more often. :)

  20. Great tips Brandi, I love using vinegar and dawn for soap scum in the bathroom and barkeepers friend is the greatest stuff ever. I have two little dogs and they keep me humping trying to keep everything clean, so I know what you mean. I totally agree everyone should pitch in and do their share, after all everyone lives there right?

  21. Awesome cleaning tips. My go to cleaning products are a recycled spray bottle mixed with white vinegar and a few drops of dish washing liquid for cleaning counters, floors, dishwasher, etc. Baking soda, vinegar & few drops of dish washing liquid for cleaning bathroom. I also use Murphy oil on the bedroom furniture and leather.

  22. thanks for the amazing tips. just this past saturday i used rubbing alcohol to clean my windows. HA! - great minds do think alike. enjoy your day, brandi. cheers!!

  23. So many good tips! i'm so trying your lemon juice and water mixture for cleaning my fridge!!

  24. Magic Erase on sneakers…GREAT idea. You can also use Barkeepers Friend on copper.

  25. Great tips Brandi!!!

    The only thing I would add is baking soda! The stuff is amazingespecially for getting rid of unwanted odors:) I like to soak my food containers with baking soda to make sure there are no carry over odors to the next leftover.

    Thanks so much for sharing your tips, Brandi...I only wish it were time for Spring cleaning, lol...

  26. Thanks for the tips! I especially like the natural items for cleaning.

  27. I have always used white vinegar on my mirrors, but have since found that just spritzing a few drops of tap water onto them works equally well. Hope you are having a Thankful Thursday.

  28. I just recently started using vinegar and I love it. My husband hates when I use it to clean the rugs. Lol! I will definitely try the lemon juice mixture for my fridge and I have never used Barkeepers Friend. Must buy some.


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