Monday, July 28, 2014

Blogland Tour

Recently I was invited by Kimberly of Camp and Cottage Living to participate in a Blogland Tour.  Kimberly and her husband live in Northern Ontario, Canada.  After several years of working and traveling, Kimberly has learned to live a simpler life and LOVE it.  She's a new blog friend who is all around creative.

I was asked to answer a few questions about my writing process, then invite another blogger to join in on the fun.

So here's how my brain works...

How does my writing process work?
Being a disorganized mess can make the process difficult.  Take notes!  As a wife and mother there are too many things competing for my attention.  When inspiration strikes, I jot down my ideas.  If I'm having a hard time focusing, having my notes helps.

Why do I write what I do?
I blog because I enjoy it.  I blog to share my ideas.  But sometimes it's a challenge to stay inspired to create.

How does my work/writing differ from others?
I have a budget!  I use it as an oppurtunity to be more creative.

What am I working on?
My main projects are photographing my bathroom and the moulding work that was completed.  I'm also excited to share a paint project with you.  I let my blog take the backseat this summer.

But enough about me, now I would like to introduce you to Charity!

Hey Y’all!  I’m Charity and my blog is Life After Baseball and rightfully so.  I started my blog in 2006 after my husband retired from a thirteen year professional baseball career.  I was a baseball wife living the crazy baseball life that only a few can truly understand.  My blog started out as a way to keep in touch with family and friends around the country, but now my content has evolved and is more centered on lifestyle & fashion.  I’m a health nut and hate to be cold.  You will find me trying new recipes, dabbling a tad in DIY (as long as I can get my husband on board), decorating our home and hanging with family. I’m also a sucker for soft, gray sweatshirts (my “uni” [uniform]) and am not scared to put on my pj's at 5pm.  I’m obsessed with fashion & shoes.  I change my nail polish frequently and am always searching for the perfect outfit!

I hope you will click over and pay her a visit.  

Thank you again Kimberly for including me.


  1. Love your creativity Brandi! Great blog post ;)

  2. Hi Brandi, great post! I was just looking at your site last night because you hadn't posted in awhile. Happy to see you pop up on my blog roll this a.m. Have a great week! Jane

  3. Love learning how you process things! And, thanks for the introduction to two new blogs.

  4. Brandi
    Thanks for being a part of the BlogLand Tour.
    I know summertime is a busy time for young mothers, so double thanks!
    I look forward to Charity's BlogLand Tour next week too.

  5. Loved learning more about how you blog! Can't wait to see more of your projects!

  6. hi brandi! missed you. i love your headboard project. you are so wonderfully creative. i love your blog. being so busy as mother and wife - i can understand. i myself am a mother - we just have to make time to do the things we enjoy. sometimes including those we love in our projects. i look forward to your next project. cheers!!

  7. loved getting some insight in your creativity process, I love writing ideas down on sticky notes while at work, sneaky I know! :)

  8. I knew I haven't seen you in a while love the article. I write my things down to and try to complete them as much as I can in a week.

  9. I thought I was the only one who wrote down ideas... lol. Hey, I'm so glad you're back. I loved this post and all the pretty plants, too. I'm on my way to visit Charity's blog now. Have a great day!

  10. I've always admired your style and creativity, Brandi - fun to know how you accomplish it all! I will take a peek at your nomination blog. xo Karen

  11. I love that blue floral pot:) I never wrote down my ideas, because I never had many ideas that I felt were worthy of being written

  12. I love meting great new blogs through others! Iw ill definitely check her out!


  13. Dear Brandi,

    I'm always visiting your site because I consider you a very nice person and a very creative woman. You are constantly presenting useful and beautiful ideas that are easy to put into practice. Thus it is possible to save the same time it makes a therapy! lol


  14. HI Brandi,
    What a wonderful opportunity to get to know you better. I love your thought process and note jotting. I'd be lost if I didn't constantly write notes. They turn up in some of the strangest places though and often, too late. You seem to be more organized and your creativity flows beautifully. Thank you for the new introductions and for a peek into you:)

  15. I jot ideas, list and notes down on any scrap piece of paper I can find too! You should see me when I am putting together a post, pieces of paper everywhere. I am headed over to Charity's blog now!

  16. So much fun getting to know you better! I enjoy your projects too! I understand the busyness of family/lifestuff and working on projects/blogging... there HAS to be a balance ... let me know if you figure it out friend! HA!
    Enjoy your day :-)

  17. You never fail to amaze me with your decorating and REdecorating.
    I wish I was a more faithful blogger.. but sometimes I get ..uhhhh, Lazy. : )

  18. Such a great post Brandi. Love how you create so many wonderful projects. The post is a great way to get to know you. Headed over to Charity's blog. Happy Tuesday.

  19. Hi Brandi, wonderful post and learning a bit more about your process to create. Thank you for the intro to Clarity's blog.
    Happy Tuesday Blessings!

  20. Hi Brandi!
    Enjoyed reading about your blogging journey. And, thank you, for introducing us to Charity~ Much joy!

  21. Hi Brandi!
    I loved reading what you shared! I can absolutely understand where you're coming from. Being a mom can keep you super busy (and distracted)!
    I always enjoy reading more about the great women that I follow in blogland . . . YOU!
    I hope you're having a great week!
    Thanks so much for sharing :0)
    Sending a hug your way,

  22. Hi Brandi:

    I LOVE your blog, I've been reading you for awhile now. Just recently I started a DIY blog (I absolutely love DIY-ing) and your blog and its success serve as such inspiration. Hoping one day to have even a tenth of the success and creativity you have.

    I'd love for you to stop by the blog for a visit in your free time -

    BTW, absolutely love the idea of the Blogland tour!

  23. This is neat, Brandi! It's always fun to learn more about other people and how/why they do what they do. That's half the fun as far as I'm concerned!

  24. Hi Brandi, how are you?

    It's always good and interesting to learn other bloggers'creative process, and like you I blog because I enjoy it but sometimes it is a challenge to be inspired & creative.

  25. What a great idea, it was fun to read about your creative process. Thanks for the link to Charity's blog.

  26. So fun to learn more about you and your blog Brandi!

  27. Brandi, you know it's a small world! I was excited to see you and Stephanie were both chosen from the same blog. How cool is that! I love your blog and seeing your projects whenever you get done. I know that each project takes a bit of time but I love it when you're done and share it with us. They're always amazing!

    I'll also have to check out Charity's blog as well. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Hi Brandi,

    Lovely to come and visit you and learn more about you and hearing about the projects you are working on. Thanks for visiting me
    Enjoy the weekend

  29. Nice getting to know more about you. I'm going to hop over to her blog too.

  30. Hi Brandi! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog:) I love finding new ones to check out!Have a great weekend!

  31. Enjoyed reading about you Brandi! I love stopping by visiting you, like a ray of sunshine.

    Have a great weekend!!


  32. I loved learning more about you and the creative genius behind this blog! Great job Brandi :)!

  33. I do it the same way - whenever I have an idea I need to write it down. A good friend of mine scrapbooked a notebook for me that is now my blogging ideas notebook :)
    Now I'll hop over to check out Charity's blog :)


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