Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Not Much Progress

I mentioned last week that I was stripping the paint off the stair spindles.  Progress is slow as I haven't dedicated much time to it. Factor in a new puppy, end of the school year activities with my kids and the  bothersome fumes, completing this project was at the bottom of my list.

My husband is not the type to complain when the house is a wreck in the midst of whatever project I'm working on, but this week he's been dropping hints.  Especially since he didn't see the need for the paint to be stripped.  I know he'll love it though.  He just has to trust me! ; )

In addition to the spindles, I plan to remove the sign above and create a gallery wall of botanical prints.

botanical prints
Nine Botanical Prints via Horchow
I was inspired by this image that I found while browsing Pinterest. This set of prints sells for $1,575.00.  Seriously?!

So I clicked over to Etsy in search of something much cheaper and found these prints.  I love them.  The prints are very similar to my inspiration picture.

I ordered a set of picture mats as well.  Not sure if I'll keep them black or spray paint them a different color.  It all depends on the frames I find.

Hopefully I can work on the spindles a little more this weekend.  Now that my prints have arrived, I'm motivated to get finished. 


  1. I love etsy I am just now discovering what they have to offer and those look just as good. Can't wait to see finished product.

  2. But now, when I visit, I know your prints are knock-offs and I may feel a little uncomfortable being there.

  3. i like the prints you bought on etsy better!! :o)

    thanks for visiting my blog... i appreciate the comment!

  4. If you're not feeling's best to take a break or you'll screw it up :) those spindles aren't going anywhere. I can't wait to see your gallery wall!

  5. I like the gallery wall idea. I'm sure it will fit in lovely in your home considering you love house plants and nature in the home as much as I do. Have a great day.


  6. I so can't wait to see your gallery wall! Those botanical prints will be pretty framed

  7. Oooooh! I can't's gonna be fabulous! Way to score some affordable prints!! You go!

  8. good luck with everything...have fun!!!

  9. Wow, those prints are beautiful Brandi. Gotta love Etsy!

  10. I've seen those botanical prints before and I've saved them for inspiration! I'm sure that your version will be really great looking!

  11. etsy never disappoints! i know you'll do a fab job and stripping paint is so time consuming, isn't it? Happy weekend.

  12. Yea, May is WAY too crazy with all the end of school year stuff going on here too. The prints are lovely, good luck with everything!!
    Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  13. Slow but steady wins the race right? I know it will look fabulous. What the heck was that company smoking? 1500+ for prints! As my father used to say good gawd!! The prints you found on etsy look just as good. I cant wait to see it all finished. Well I just took a break from cleaning, gotta get back to work...oh joy LOL. Have a great weekend Brandi.

  14. I'm crawling out of the woodwork to say good luck finishing your woodwork. And wow, do you ever wonder who actually spends that much on prints?? Yours are going to look just as fab, for just a *touch* less!

  15. Hi Brandi,

    I love your prints.

    I hope you can get through the stripping soon. I feel for ya.


  16. Brandi, the graphic fairy has terrific stuff, so I know your art gallery is going to be lovely! Have fun with the stair spindles (smile).

  17. etsy is awesome, but I tend to stay away because I almost ALWAYS end up buying something! :) I love the prints you bought however, gorgeous.

  18. What a great idea! I really need your creativity. I have bare walls in every room! lol
    Good luck on the spindles.

  19. Wise woman to basically find cheaper and just as quality prints.

    $1,575.00 for pictures is absurd.

  20. It's going to come out really nice ... and love the prints.

    When I moved into my home 10+ years ago, I immediately stripped the banister & spindles... (lawdy it must have had 10 layers of paint, despite using Peel Away & the 5n1 painters tool) ... omygoodness it was a tedious job indeed. But patience and determination keep me going. Thankfully, I can look at it now and say... sheesh it came out


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