Monday, April 23, 2012

Plants Around the House

Today I'm joining The Nester for a plant party!  Here's a look at the plants around my house. 

Plants and flowers inexpensively brighten up any room.  I have plants in, just about, every room in the house.  I love the texture and color they add to the rooms. 

A plant on a barstool

Plants in a wooden basket

 In the kitchen

 In the bathroom

On the entry table

In the laundry room

In my bedroom

In the family room 

In my daughter's room 

In the dining room

Upstairs in the hallway

Faux plants in the linen closet

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed my tour! 


  1. Wow wow wow Brandi...I am a true lover of houseplants but unfortunately after some time they died.I don't know why but it is.... All your room looks so beautiful with these green life... so much lovely and inspirational...

    Hope you will enjoy a visit to taste the delicious chilled summer dessert @
    With love

  2. I am so jealous of your green thumb! I tend to kill most houseplants but my flowers in the garden seem to thrive...I wish I knew the trick, until I do I have started to purchase some cute faux plants from Ikea since I love the look of having houseplants:)

  3. I do not have a green thumb whatsoever my mom had plants around her home when I was younger but me I just planted my first flower outside in my yard so I have to take one step at a time.

  4. I LOVE houseplants. I'm certain you have a schedule to water all of them at the same time! :) Where do you get most of your plants from?


  5. I love houseplants and so does Abby....she must be part dinosaur Your plants look great and so does your home.

  6. Everything is so pretty! I especially love the plants on the ladder and those in your linen closet. Holy smokes your linen closet is beautiful!


  7. So pretty, Brandi. Plants add so much to a space!

    Thank you for your sweet comments about my show!

  8. Brandi, your plants look great! I love houseplants, too! My mom had a green thumb; and I guess I inherited that love from her! I use them everywhere. They just add so much life to a room!

  9. Well, you certainly do have a green thumb! I love the plants on the little step ladder, too cute!!!

  10. Hi Brandi,

    Wow! I love all the different plants you have. They sure do make each area of your beautiful home special.


  11. looks great Brandi! Totally getting house plants this weekend! Great inspiration!

  12. That is amazing, Brandi! You have so many beautiful plants in your home, and so many different kinds! And they are alive! For some reason, house plants seem hard to keep vibrant and living...but maybe that is just me! :)
    But oh! Your home is gorgeous, by the way! I loved seeing the different spaces. :)

    I hope you are doing well, and that your Monday was good! :)


  13. You certainly have a green thumb, Brandi! All your plants look so good and thriving... they brighten up every corner of your beautiful home!Thanks for letting us take a peek!Have a wonderful day!~Poppy

  14. WOW! you have so many plants. FABULOUS! I really like the one you did a close up of..what type of plant is that?

  15. If I get some plants will you come over and bless my home with your green thumb?? I just kill everything! What is that plant that is long and viny? I love it!!

  16. Amazing!!!!
    That reminds me I need to get my gardeners mini roses!
    I love seeing the flowers growing up!


  17. Brandi, I can't believe you have so many plants, and they're all healthy! I only wish I had a green thumb. Thanks for the tour!

  18. OMG Brandi, you inspire me ... I always tend to kill house plants, you have such a green thumb.... Maybe instead of purchasing all those faux plants I have, I will attempt to buy a couple of living ones...any care secrets for those of us who don't have that green thumb :) And oh your house is sooo beautiful... Luvnhugs Pauline :)

  19. Nice looking plants, I made myself a promise to purchase some plants this Spring.

    Still haven't taken the time, as of yet.


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