Monday, February 27, 2012

Helpful Tips for Hanging a Tie Up Shade

When I purchased a pair of tie up shades from Target for my daughter's room, I easily became frustrated as I tried to hang the shades just as they were pictured on the package.  I love the look of tie up shades, so returning them for something simpler was not an option.  I worked through my frustration a came up with a way to make tying the shades a little easier.  They still don't look as nice, as what was on the package, but this is what I did.

Start by ironing your shade.  Then, using the cardboard tube from a roll of wrapping paper simply place the tube at the bottom edge of the shade and hold it in place with both hands.

Next using both hands, begin to roll your shade around the tube either over or underhand.  I chose to roll my shade going under.

Continue rolling your shade around the tube until your reach your desired length.

Once you've reached your length tie each piece of fabric to hold the shade in place.

Next, remove the cardboard tube by sliding one end of the tube through the width of the shade.

By now your fabric ties are probably a little wrinkled.  You can iron them smooth using a flat iron.  Be careful not to let the flat iron sit too long on the fabric or it will burn!

Finally tie a bow at each end and you're done!  I used Martha Stewart's method for tying a bow as seen here.

Hope you find this tip helpful!


  1. Gorgeous it brings something new to the shade makes me want to get some curtains but home decor is just not me yet but I might be starting to spruce it up soon.

  2. You showed that shade who's boss! I know exactly what you takes three hands to get them tied up sometimes :)
    Happy Monday!

  3. I have the shades from PB in my kitchen, I'm so doing this, I can never get them right! I have to Pin this Brandi so I can go back and no what to do! Thanks so much for posting this!


  4. WOW, thanks for sharing this.. I have some and I HAVE issues with them too : )) This is wonderful.. Great tips.. wishing youa lovely week..

  5. What do you mean it doesn't look as nice as the package?? :P Those bows look like perfection! I'd never thought about buying tie up shades, but I've always liked the look of em.

    Now I can refer to your blog when I'm ready to buy some!


  6. That is a real good tip, thanks! I like this look too, so this will work just great! :)

  7. Hi Brandi. I think these are so cute! I'm planning on making window treatments for my granddaughter's bedroom and this will be perfect. Their window faces south so don't want something which will block the light. I've always liked this look but like you, could never get them to roll up correctly. Now I can share with their mom how to roll it up each day! lol By the way, just started a new party, Frugal Treasures Tuesday, hope you'll stop by and share this post as I think it would be helpful to my readers. : ) Thanks for sharing

  8. I have that style shade in my youngest son's room. That's a helpful tip for sure! I was most impressed by the fact that you used a hair straightening iron to press your ties. Why didn't I think of that? Genius! I have one of those and NEVER even thought of using it for something like that. Thanks for the tip and for visiting me as well.

  9. Hi Brandi,

    The curtain/shade looks really pretty and a very clever way to get them just right.


  10. Great idea and helpful tip! I will definitely make a note of this one!

  11. Brandi this is a great tip! they look so pretty, I bet her room is gorgeous!

  12. What great tips, and I LOVE those curtains! Thanks for stopping by our coop for a visit!

  13. Such a great tip!!
    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet words recently, you are a treasure!!! Hugs! Michelle

  14. What a great tip, flat iron as a portable iron!!!!


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