Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

Who doesn't love a good bargain???  I enjoy finding ways to decorate my home for less.

 Recently while at a local thrift store I stumbled upon a teacup set.  I knew immediately I wanted it, even though I wasn't quite sure how I would display it.  After some thought I decided to use it as planter.

 I love they way it looks paired with an African Violet!


  1. That is cute. I love African Violets, but I always eventually kill them.

  2. I LOVE a good thrift shop find - in actual fact I'm getting slowly obsessed with hunting down a bargain. Inspired in the main by finding so many lovely blogs! Well done!. x

  3. thank-you both for the nice comments!

  4. You found some good stuff. I love to thrift shop.


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